Creating a Better World with Kindness, Respect, and Snow Angels

As the days slowly lengthen and the Sun shows her light, guiding us into a new turn on the Wheel of Life, we look to another year, a new decade with prayers for a kinder world; a time when the Earth and all her children are respected.

Moving forward into the future also necessitates leaving behind much of the past as well as building on what we bring forward, with gratitude for all. It brings to mind the Lammas lyrics by Pagan singer/songwriter, Lisa Thiel . . . Give thanks for the blessings, give thanks for the lessons, give thanks for all that the Goddess provides.

I recently saw a dear friend that I had not seen in many years and she always finds the best poetry books to gift me with. The first poem in the book she shared with me by Grace Butcher touched me profoundly at this time of endings and beginnings.

On the Necessity of Snow Angels for the Well-Being of the World
Grace Butcher

Whenever there is snow, I go,
making angels along the way.
Luckily angels have no gender
and are easier to make
than you might think.

All you have to do is let go,
fall on your back,
look up at the sky as if in prayer.
Move your arms like wings
Move your legs to make a robe.
Rise carefully so as to do no harm,
and walk away.

All the angels along the path behind you
will sparkle in sunlight, gleam under the stars.
In spring the angels will be invisible
but really they are still there,
their outlines remain on the earth
where you put them, waiting
for you and the snow to return.

Keep walking
towards the next beautiful thing
you will do.

About Feminine Alchemy

Founder and Director, Temple of the Goddess
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